About me

Hi! I am Cesc Derrill and welcome to my website!

I am a career coach/mentor based in London and I help individuals looking to achieve success on their careers.

I have a bachelor’s in telecommunications, a master’s in business development, a Ph. D in Electronics and a background of 8 years of experience working in business development for lead industry players in the sectors of defense, critical communications, aerospace and transportation.

I have been coaching teams and individuals during my career and started my career coaching journey in 2018 supporting many different individuals achieving their goals.

My clients describe me as charismatic, very pleasant to work with, trustworthy and motivating.

A great coach is someone who can listen and is passionate and cares about its clients, someone that is keen to learn about their passions, their goals and their background. I love to learn about that constellation of stars called skill set and achievements that all people hold to help them making them shine until they are about to become a supernova of success.


I believe that we all have the potential to achieve greatness. The only one limiting our own development is ourselves. I thrive to help unlocking that potential helping you arriving wherever you want to arrive, growing together with your career goals and achieving. There is no better feeling than fulfilment and that is what, in plain words, my end product is.


“Cesc is a great coach and a very supportive person. He has a great knowledge of the recruiting process and helped me find the job I was looking for. Thanks to him, I improved my CV and my interview skills. He is always positive and enthusiastic; he makes you feel like you can do whatever you want to do. I would definitely recommend him.”

Elsa, Marketing Assistant

“ Enthusiasm, charisma, knowledge and commitment. He is really aware about the constant change of the job market and he gives advises that basically help people to focus on what goal to reach and how to achieve a great outcome. He’s a great coach!”

Antonio, Receptionist

“ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! If you are looking for a proactive and industrious career coach who readily listen and tailor to your needs, or a professional who is experienced enough to tell you all the magic tricks for CV formatting, or just someone reliable enough to conduct hours of research beforehand so your questions can be answered carefully and specifically, well then, here is your guy. I have a really high standard in almost everyone that I have a work relationship with, especially when it comes to an intimate business like career counselling, where you have to trust the one who is offering you advice, but Cesc, he is almost too good to be true. You will know what I am talking about when you finish a trail lesson with him. He is smart, he is organised, he can be vigorous and full of energy, but also keeps an agreeable nature. The information he provides is so useful that I would rather miss the opportunity to have tea with the queen than miss Cesc, so please, stop searching and contact him already! ”

Kyle, Marketing Director