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Catch the eye of employers and make your CV ATS proof

Learn and practice how to answer your most probable interview questions

Cover letters, Getting a promotion, Executive Coaching, Business Coaching…

"If you are looking for a proactive and industrious career coach who readily listen and tailor to your needs, […] well then, here is your guy."

Kyle, Marketing Director

CV Optimisation

Catch the eye of employers and make your CV ATS proof



I will help you making sure that the colours, letter font, size and sections are correct. I will also ensure your resume is readable and it guides the reader through the main key points

ats proof

ATS proof

Companies use Applicant Tracking Systems to analyse and rank resumes for them. I will help you optimise your resume to ensure it scores high with these systems


sell yourself

We tend to underestimate the extend of our personal achievements and skills. We will explore your experience and I will help you lay down your unique selling points

key words

key words

Job offers have key requirements that need to be found in your curriculum. I will help you identify these key words and make sure they are included in your narrative

learn how

learn how

What I do that other services don't is teaching you how to build and maintain your resume by yourself. So you only need to come once to me for help with your CV


“ Enthusiasm, charisma, knowledge and commitment. He is really aware about the constant change of the job market and he gives advise that basically help people to focus on what goal to reach and how to achieve a great outcome. He's a great coach!”

Antonio, Front of house

Interview preparation

Learn and practice how to answer your most probable interview questions


Research and preparation

Not a single employer is the same! As such I will support you gathering the necessary information and helping you prepare with mock up interviews


Case-specific questions

Depending on the role, level and your personal situation, the questions you might be asked will vary. I will show you which ones will apply to you and show you how to answer


Behavioural interviews

Many interviews involve questions around problem solving and situational awareness. I will teach you how to answer these type of questions and help you shape your own answers


Your Questions

An interview goes both ways and you will be expected to ask questions. I will show you how to make the most of this chance to show interest and demonstrate you are the right fit


"[...]I was really happy with the friendly yet professional approach. Applying for jobs got so much easier with his help; he knows everything about the process which I had no clue about before meeting him. [...]"

Cassie, Fashion Designer

Other services


Cover Letter, University Personal Statement

Cover letters and personal statements are very similar. I can help you write a letter highlighting your strengths, demonstrating how you tick the boxes and make a unique statement that draws the attention of the reader and differentiates you from the competition


Working towards a promotion

We will put a strategy together to identify the gaps that you have not covered yet, and we will open a ramification of possibilities for you get to the same goal: getting your well deserved promotion. Coaching can help you understand your options and possibilities better, as well as understanding how to own your value and project it externally.


Executive Coaching

Coaching will support you on your journey and I will adapt to your necessities and to the constant change motivated by the busy dynamic of an Executive position. We can explore your business targets and explore your needs. We can support you on managing your team and flow down your targets within a coaching culture.


Business Coaching

I will help you shaping your target and support you defining the path towards it putting a plan together. We will additionally prepare you to hold difficult conversations, understanding how to stablish the right culture and values into your business as well as coaching it into your employees.

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About me

Hi! I am Cesc Derrill and welcome to my website!


Cesc Derrill, Ph.D

Career and business coach

I am a career coach/mentor based in London and I help individuals looking to achieve success on their careers.

I have a bachelor’s in telecommunications, a master’s in business development, a Ph. D in Electronics and a background of 8+ years of experience working in business development for lead industry players in the sectors of defense, critical communications, aerospace and transportation.

I have been coaching teams and individuals during my career and started my career coaching journey in 2018 supporting many different individuals achieving their goals.

My clients describe me as charismatic, very pleasant to work with, trustworthy and motivating.

A great coach is someone who can listen and is passionate and cares about its clients, someone that is keen to learn about their passions, their goals and their background. I love to learn about that constellation of stars called skill set and achievements that all people hold to help them making them shine until they are about to become a supernova of success.

Proud to be a Member of the

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