Get your CV moving

Get your CV moving

Hi guys! This is Cesc Derrill and welcome back to my newest article!

In my previous article I explained how to build a winning CV and if you will find the link in at the end.

So let’s assume that I explained myself properly and that by now you have a gorgeous CV that shows your strengths and clearly identifies the key words that companies and recruiters are looking for. Now, how do you make sure that the right people sees it? How do you put yourself out to the world? 

In this article we are going to see how to move your CV and make it visible. To do so there are different strategies:

Job Sites

The first thing to do is to create a profile and upload your CV in the most relevant job tabloids of the Internet (such as LinkedIn jobs, no pun intended). These will depend on the type of job you want to do and or the part of the world you live in.

If you make your CV searchable in those sites this will make it visible for recruiters and they will approach you instead of you having to apply for a job. Most of the job interviews I have done were for jobs I never directly applied for. Normally those sites are free for job seekers but some aren’t or in cases like acting jobs they generally have a monthly fee. For those sites that you have to pay please make sure that the site is really worth it and that it can really offer you advantages for the money you pay.


Write down the job sites you have used, you will have to update them every time you want a change in your career. I am still receiving offers for job positions for a CV from 10 years ago… can’t remember the damn website where I posted it!

Apply for jobs

This is the old way: just look for the correct job and apply for it.

Which one is the correct job? Any job you like, with a salary and conditions you like, for a company you like and for which you comply to at least 80% of their requirements. It is impossible to fulfill 100% of the requirements, employers are exigent lovers. They are looking for Mr. Right and that does not exist.

Now, recruiters recommend that you do not apply to all the jobs you find. This is a half truth. I strongly recommend to apply to EVERYTHING! But with a caveat: try to avoid applying to the same recruiting agency/employer more than once on the same week. They tend to relate repetition with not taking them seriously. As I said, exigent lovers.

What they don’t understand is that for a job seeker to find a job they have to be in the right place and in the right moment. And unless you keep yourself moving like crazy this ain’t happening honey.


In the best of the situations you will have a company/ies in mind for which you would love to work for. Usually HR departments love candidates applying directly since it makes them feel brand recognition … and they avoid paying a commission to a third-party.

In these situations I strongly recommend to personalise your CV for it to speak the same lingo as the company you are applying for. Make sure you tick most of of their boxes and that they can easily identify their requirements and desirable skills in your CV. Big brands receive such massive volume of applicants that you have to at least pass the first filter and a bit of effort will help be sure of that.

How do you tick a company’s boxes? You can learn a lot about a company by following on social networks and by literally stalking them. Follow them on LinkedIn (or Instagram et al) and look for information in places like glassdoor to learn more about their culture and benefits. Also refer to the terms they use internally for their job applications so they can be easily identified in your CV.

Do you have to personalise our CV for every position you apply? You can do whatever you want with your time but I would focus my efforts on applying a lot and keep the customisation for that special position.

Job networking

As mentioned before, platforms like LinkedIn allow professionals to connect and this gives the possibility for recruiters and headhunters to find professionals of similar sectors and skill sets.

Make sure to create your profile and to connect to professionals that you meet along your career. Whenever you join a new organisation (or even before joining) make sure to start connecting with key stakeholders as this will increase your visibility every time more and more.

The more you advance in your career the more relevant this tool is.

So keep your profile up to date continuously and endorse skills to your close colleagues so they can endorse you back.

Other ways of networking are the old school effective way of card exchange and I say this figuratively, cards are going on decline. If you are starting your career go to job-related exhibitions and meet as many professionals of the industry you are interested in as possible. If you have already a job then use any means your company has to put yourself out there. You can attend meetings with customers, you can attend exhibitions, you can attend external courses and so on.

Increase your network and interact with other professionals at a reasonable level. Ask them, show your interest and enthusiasm and contribute when possible.


Ok guys, this is it for now. Now if you have any questions or comments so please leave them down below and I will try to answer you the best I can.

Have a lovely day and until the next article!

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