Prepare yourself for a face to face interview

Prepare yourself for a face to face interview

Hi guys! This is Cesc Derrill and welcome back to my newest article!

In my previous article I talked about how to prepare and perform well in a phone interview. And if you missed it you will find a link at the end. If you were successful the most logical next step would be the daunting face to face interview. Oh my god! I get so nervous and excited every time it happens! It is a very similar feeling as when you agree to go on a date. You are excited about whether you are going to like each other but specially if you are going to do well. What are you going to wear? What are you going to say? How can you impress them? Get my drift, don’t you?

So today I will be giving you some tips on how to prepare for an actual date … I mean face to face interview.


Just like to a date, you should never be late to an interview. As such be sure to check how to get where the location is and how to get there. If you are going by car you will need to check what are the estimated time ranges to get to destination. Google maps is very good for that because if you put a time and date for a trip they will let you know what is the typical time range you will need for the journey. If you are using public transport then time should be a bit more controllable (unless you are going by bus).

Either way, it is always advisable to be pessimistic and leave early as it is better to wait than keep someone waiting darling. If for whatever reason you are going to be late due to unexpected circumstances make sure to call the company the earliest you can to let them know about the situation. Normally they are quite understanding and worse case scenario they will reschedule.


Again! Like for a date you will want to make sure that your outfit is spot on. OMG, what am I going to wear?

For most of jobs it is advisable to go to an interview with a formal or semi-formal attire. Try not to wear anything too revealing, keep it professional honey! A part from that gents will need to wear a tie sorry but you are expected to and some places will complain if you don’t.

Now of course what I just said is for most of jobs however you should be mindful of some jobs. If you are going for a job in retail for a fashion brand you have to dress in accordance with the standards of that brand while at the same time showing a sense of fashion. Whilst on the other hand if you are going for a job in fashion design you will have to dress very fashionable,

Of course the outfit for an interview is not the same as the one you will be wearing if you get hired. Each company have their own policy on how employees. Just bare it in mind.


Now, although some dates feel like you are having a test it is not something you can prepare for, and I personally wouldn’t recommend to. However, for some job interviews you will be required to do a test. Not all companies do it and I have seen it more applied to junior positions in which there is not much demonstrable experience.

There are many different type of tests but I would differ between two: IQ tests and aptitude tests. IQ tests are normally a surprise and they tell you on the spot. There are many sample tests that you can do online so you can get used to the type of questions they contain. Aptitude tests will be related to concepts and knowledge related to the position you are applying for. You should normally receive heads up from the company before the interview so you can prepare for it, so dust-off your old books and go back to basics!

As you progress in your career and you do new interviews those tests will be less frequent but you will be likely asked to prepare a presentation or some similar task in order to see a bit more than what they can read on a piece of paper.


Ok guys, this is has been short and hopefully sweet. As always, if you have any questions or comments so please leave them down below and I will try to answer you the best I can.

Have a lovely day and until the next article!

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